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Sarawak White Pepper Berries 100gm

Weight: 100gm 100% Pure Sarawak White Pepper
RM 16.10   
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Even though Sarawak pepper has carved a niche in the global markets, it’s pure form is very hard to come by in the West Malaysia market. 90% of Malaysia’s pepper production comes from Sarawak. This industry is an integral part of the rural economy and it has helped many small pepper farmers to transform from poverty to sufficiency. However, price of Sarawak black pepper has declined over the years, with competition from Cambodia and Vietnam pepper in the market. With our continuous support, we will be able to guarantee a favorable income for them to continue their livelihood. With these in mind, LADA was formed: 1. to share the goodness of 100% pure Sarawak pepper with West Malaysians at affordable prices 2. to help support local Sarawak rural farmers in their income sustainability Our LADA peppers are specially selected. Only PREMIUM seeds which meet our strict standard are chosen for processing. When you buy from LADA, you are getting the BEST QUALITY pepper


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