Kheem Lee Muar Chee (Peanuts & Black Sesame)

Glutinous rice cake with traditional flavor of peanuts, sugar and healthy black sesame seeds. Weight: 220gm
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Kheem Lee

Má shǔ, also known as mochi, is a well known traditional taste of Penang and it is also one of the most popular street foods in Penang. Kheem Mochi first started out in 2002 at Farim Night Market in Penang and has been in business for over 20 years. At that time, the young lady boss loved eating mochi therefore she worked hard to develop a chewy and soft glutinous rice balls recipe. She made it with freshly picked pandan leaf juice which creates chewy and fragrant glutinous rice balls. The young boss lady insisted on using only fresh peanuts and reducing the amount of sugar in the peanut mixture, making Kheem Mochi loved by all ethnic groups for the past 20 years. The young lady boss recently launched two-tone colour mochi which has a traditional flavor of peanuts and healthy black sesame seeds. The black sesame used in the mochis are organic without any additives. Black sesame seeds are well known for their benefits; regular consumption of black sesame seeds can improve immunity and fertility, beauty and anti-aging, lowering blood pressure, preventing arteriosclerosis, keeping hair moisturised, reducing constipation, and so on. 麻糬又称作麻芝是槟城的古早味也是槟城受欢迎街边小吃之一。 Kheem 麻芝是从2002开始在槟城发林夜市营业,己经营了20年。当时年纪轻轻的老板娘因为自己喜爱吃麻芝所以用心的去研发Q软适中的糯米团再加上采用新鲜的班兰叶取汁而制所以制造出又Q又香的糯米团加上老板娘坚持一定要采用新鲜花生和少甜为主所以Kheem麻芝这20年来都深受各族的喜爱。 老板娘近期推出了双色麻芝是有古早味的花生和养生的黑芝麻。Kheem麻芝的黑芝麻是纯黑芝麻绝无添加物。黑芝麻的好处是众所周知,经常吃可以提早免疫力和生育能力,美容美颜抗衰老,降血压,预防动脉硬化,乌发润发,润肠通便等等好处。


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It is really good. Will order again. Thanks

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Thk for ur review...