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Roti Bak Kwa + Bak Hu x 6

肉松肉干面包 Wheat Bun, Pork Jerky, Chicken Meat Floss, Home made special Chicken Gravy Shelf life 3 days refrigerated MSG included Non Halal
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Jerky Prime (肉乾)

以前我父母是打工的,有一天有收到一个风口说有人邀请去他们工厂学做肉干肉丝,是要付费的啦,学费是5000对当时的年代来说是一笔很大的数字毕竟我父母都来自平穷家庭,没有背景。 我妈就提议说不如我们出来打拼一场吧,毕竟一直这样打工下去也不是办法每天都要工作到很晚才有得回家加上我们也有孩子了我需要照顾孩子你一人在外打工很辛苦又很危险,老板也才给那五毛钱一天。 于是我爸就做了一个疯狂的决定,resign掉工作去学习怎么自制肉干肉丝。就这样我们的品牌天天香在1991年开始诞生了。我们一直以来都是已批发模式经营,都有和几家公司合作过。 自从2013年开始,我们以front line (摆摊)的模式 (Roti Bak Kwa) 进入市场到今日有10年,加上批发的话已有本公司已有32年历史之久,如今也传到第二代。 My parents used to work part-time. One day, I received a tip saying that someone was inviting me to their factory to learn how to make jerky and shredded pork. There was a fee. The tuition fee was 5,000, which was a lot of money in those days. Both my parents came from ordinary poor families with no background. My mother suggested that we go out and work hard. After all, it’s not possible to keep working like this. We have to work late every day before we can go home. Plus, we also have children and I need to take care of them. It’s very hard for you to work outside alone. It was very dangerous, and the boss only gave me fifty cents a day. So my dad made a crazy decision to resign his job to learn how to make homemade jerky and shredded pork. In this way, our brand Tiantianxiang was born in 1991. We have always operated in a wholesale model and have cooperated with several companies. Since 2013, we have entered the market with a front line (stall) model (Roti Bak Kwa) for 10 years. Including wholesale, the company has a history of 32 years, and now it has spread to the second generation.


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