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Merican Set Udang

Description: Prawn, Rice, Okra (Bendi), Egg, Mixed Curries, and Home Cooked Sambal Nyiok Pudina (Coconut Mint Sambal)
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Merican Nasi Kandar

Merican Nasi Kandar is almost half-century old eatery started since 1975 is now operated by the third generation of the original owner. Merican is the family name. We are known for the Merican family recipe passed down for generation among the locals. The eatery moved to new premises on January 2023. Our signature dish which includes, Briyani & Ayam Merican are made with fragrant Basmathi rice using our special blend of spices served with dalcha, raita & egg. Our menu also features varieties of dishes on day-to-day basis; Nasi Tomato,Nasi Minyak, Turkey Kurma & Lamb Shank are also quite popular dishes among diners. Operating Hour : 7 a.m to 9.30pm (Daily) except for Sundays. Contact : 017-5514022 0164707257


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