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MsLiong Fried Fish Bihun

NON-Halal Ingredients: Pork Lard, Garlic, Chinese Cabbage (Choy Sum), cabbage, salt, sugar, chicken stock broth, mushroom, soy sauce, pepper, celery (qíncài) and fried fish (Snaper - Kalak fish, BARRACUDA (TEK SOH) 竹苏鱼) 料理:猪油, 猪油渣, 蒜米,菜心,包菜 ,盐,糖,鸡精粉, 高汤,菇香, 总味酱油, 胡椒粉,芹菜和炸鱼。
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Ms Liong Fried Fish Bihun

My father started operating since 1990 at Relau, Penang. Using fresh ingredients in his recipe and cooking methods, this fish fried bihun remain favorites among locals and visitors. I hope you will enjoy the delicious authentic Penang style fried fish bihun. 历史: 1990年我的父亲就开始在胡来营业到现在我是第2代。 搬迁到新国泰乔治城 己有一年。


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