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七条路爪哇面 Lebuh Cecil Jawa Mee

Ingredients: Special tomato base soup, Pork (Char Siew), Egg, Toufu ( Soya Bean Curd), Prawns and fried shallots MSG included Standard serving: Mee (Yellow Noodle) & Bihun (Rice Noodle) mixed.
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七条路爪哇面 Lebuh Cecil Jawa Mee

Mdm Loh Jawa Mee was founded since 1955. Her chinese inspired recipe Jawa Mee has been well received by local consumers and has become synonym with Cecil Street Market (Chit Tiaw Lor). Mdm Loh and family is no stranger to the food industry, with decades of history in F&B. The Jawa Mee recipe is served with Prawns and BBQ Pork (Char Siew), the gravy is potato and tomato base appetizingly fragrant that will invite you for more. Mdm Loh Jawa Mee is currently managed by her son Steve.


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