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Soon Lam Mee

Non-Halal Ingredients: Shredded Pork, Prawns, Eggs, Fish Balls, Meat Balls, Crispy Pork Lard, Pork Skin, Fried Shallots, Spring Onions and Sambal Chili. 肉丝 , 虾, 红蛋, 鱼丸, 肉丸, 猪油渣 , 炸葱,青葱, 肉皮.
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Soon Lam Mee

古早味淋面是由我表姐在裕发咖啡室经营已超过十三年之久了. 就在四年前, 她表明要退休 ,就让我直接接手经营. 她也教导我烹调煮食方式. 经过一段日子后, 因为一路以来我对于烹调煮食都很精心配制. 就以更有创意的烹调煮食方式,呈现更加美味的汤汁,配料. 由其那超香夠辣的美味参巴. 几乎能达到满足食欲, 大快朵颐的感觉 ! This traditional taste Lam Mee has been operated by my cousin in Yu Fa Cafe for more than 13 years, she retired four years ago and let me take over the business directly. She also taught me how to cook the original recipe and after a period of time I have carefully preparing and cooking, I have improved the recipe with more creative ingredients and cooking methods to present more delicious soup and ingredients. The super fragrant and spicy delicious sambal compliments perfectly. It can almost satisfy the appetite and feel like a feast!


Lim Kok Leong
2023-03-07 15:03

Love It!
Love The Packaging
Love The Hygiene
Love The Service
Highy Recommended

First time trying. Different from what you find in KL. Yet got surprised as the taste is really good.

iOnefood (Merchant Replied)
2023-03-07 15:03

Kamsia Mr Lim 😃🙏