Granny Q - Lemak Laksa

A delicious creamy coconut-based fish gravy cooked in authentic and aromatic spice paste and lime leaves...poured over rice noodles and garnished with small slices of pineapple, cucumber, onion, mint leaves, serve with prawn paste (Heako), Chili flakes and torch ginger (bunga kantan). Big boned fish like ikan galak, garoupa, ikan merah that are sourced from the market for the freshness and flesh as well as the bones for the fish stock. We do not use ikan kembong. MSG included, PORK FREE
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Granny Q Lemak Laksa

We are a family of six siblings with a passion for food particularly our Granny’s Lemak Laksa. #1 and #6 sibling prefer to send us blessings from afar and let the rest of us run the business. Chris (#3) went beyond just eating…she learnt from my Thai Granny Kew how to make the lemak laksa from scratch. That was 50+ years ago where electrical blenders were unheard of in our household. She became the “human blender” slaving away with the pestle and mortar. From our humble beginnings, we hope to preserve our Granny Kew’s legacy by providing a base from which our customers, too, can savour the aromatic and authentic lemak laksa, while still keeping true to our roots. “Granny Q Lemak Laksa” is our trade name that we hope will be a household name one day for people who crave for lemak laksa.


2022-08-21 09:08

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