Sin Xiang Oyster Porridge (Non-Halal)

蚝干 Dried oysters 油葱 fried Shallots 三层肉 Pork Belly 鲨鱼肉 Shark meat 虾米 Dried shrimp 青葱 Green Onion 油条饼 Fried dough sticks MSG included
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Sin Xiang Oyster Porridge

Established since 1990, Mr Kang oyster porridge is among the best in Penang. But it was not an easy beginning, as Mr Kang was forced to make a drastic change in his factory career after being retrenched during the recession period in the late 1980s. This is how the humble oyster porridge recipe begins from simple pointers by a friend, not much tips or a secret was shared. However that did not deter Mr Kang as his hard work and determination to improve the recipe to perfection as its well love by customers today. Almost every day of long hours manning the stall, with little to almost no time to have a proper rest, after business hours Mr Kang is preparing at home for the next business day and such routine has started since his children were at infant age and for more than 30 years of perseverance with a single focus to make his oyster porridge to the best has earned Mr Kang among the top spot in Penang. A taste of of Koh Cha Bi that you must enlighten your taste buds.


Julie Lau
2024-03-02 20:03

Loved the way everything is packed. 5star for Teoh's followup service.

Ms Pong
2022-06-09 09:06

Love The Packaging
Highy Recommended

Amazed to received ais kacang & chendul with shaved ice still intact after travelled from Penang to Selangor. The food portion is comparatively big !